Kevin Osborne Aerial Installation

Aerial Installations

  • Free Planning and Advice
    It can be carried out over the phone or a visit may be required for your piece or mind that you’re getting the best friendly and professional service for your aerial needs.
  • Digital TV Aerials 
    We can Install or Upgrade your TV Aerial for Freeview, Youview, BT Vision & Digital. If you’ve just Moved House, Changed TV Viewing System or are having problems, we can help you. And you're sure to get the best quality parts.
  • DAB Radio & FM Radio Aerials
    Sometimes an indoor aerial may be enough (usually supplied when purchased), however, for the best reception you may need an outdoor aerial. This should ideally be on the chimney or high up on the outside of the building to give good results. We install DAB and FM radio aerials in loft spaces as well. It all depends on the reception.
  • Loft Aerials
    Advantage weather proof and out of sight, Disadvantage considerably cuts signal strength
  • Additional TV Points
    Because we don't all want to watch the same shows on TV, having additional TV's is often the best solution. If you need a new TV Outlet in the bedroom, Kitchen or kids room we can help you.
    If you need more than one extra TV point or wish to have this work done at the same time as other work, this will save you money too! we offer a reduced rate for additional TV points.
    We can also help if you have poor quality, old cables. We can solve your viewing problems and we can usually connect to your existing TV Aerial equipment.

Multiple Outlets

  • TV Aerial repairs
    We have years of experience in digital TV aerial repair and servicing. If you’ve lost signal on your TV, or are experiencing poor picture quality, pixelating or freezing TV channels, We will perform a full diagnosis of your digital TV viewing system.
    Once the fault has been found, We can fix the problem to help you receive the best signal possible. Where possible, we offer a same day service for all digital TV aerial repairs and service.
  • Bird Spike
    Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes are a humane method of preventing birds from landing. This will prevent large birds pecking at the Aerial therfore damaging it  and messing on your paths or roofs and solar panels.
  • Storm damage repairs
    We have a wide range of equipment needed to repair your digital TV aerial. So if you need any damaged part replaced or additional equipment, such as a signal booster or an upgrade to your existing aerial system to improve your reception levels, we can install them during my visit.
  • Aerial Upgrades
    A new aerial upgrade may be required as some aerials are old or damaged, and in some parts of the country, digital terrestrial signals use a different frequency or transmitter to the one you normally use for your analogue reception. The cabling which connects your aerial to your TV set may also need to be upgraded. Where you live and the age and condition of your aerial and quality of the installation will determine whether you may require a new roof top or loft aerial to receive digital terrestrial TV (DTT).

Satellite Installations

  • Freesat Dishes
    Having a securely fitted Freesat satellite dish will help you receive the very best reception and picture for this non-subscription service. With a wide range of digital TV channels on offer, using Freesat is simple when you know how. We have a supply for many freesat boxes which will cater for your needs.
  • Sky Dish Installation
    If you're having problems with your Sky satellite dish or Sky box we can help you. As the current market leader in mainstream digital TV, Sky is responsible for entertaining a huge audience every single day. With a variety of channels to choose from you'll always find something of interest to watch, but what happens if your satellite signal suddenly fails?
    We understand the frustrations a freezing television reception or pixelated screen can cause you and your family, that's why we carry a full range of indoor and outdoor Sky satellite dish spares should you require an upgrade or repair service. As your Sky package continuously updates, your need for a reliable satellite dish will increase too. We can advise you on the best domestic dish to use for your location, while fitting and testing it for you the very same day.
  • European Dish Installation
    As a satellite TV installation experts, We can advise you on your European satellite options and the satellite TV channels and languages Polish, French, German and many more available.
  • Dish Realignment We use the best metering equipment and spend the required time to align your dish to the ultimate position to receive the strongest signal and the best quality.

CCTV Installations

  • Multiroom home security systems – CCTV
    We can also increase your home security/Industrial Units and deter unwanted visitors or for the farming businesses to keep an eye on livestock, by installing digital CCTV in and around your property. Our digital CCTV cameras can be integrated into your home distribution system, allowing you complete access from any TV of the hot spot locations.

    Cameras CCTV Cameras can provide the home and buisiness monitoring and protection you need with many options as they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There are many options and advantages. I can advise the correct security camera for your exact needs.

    Day/Night cameras. These cameras switch from colour to black and white depending on lighting levels. They are ideal for variable lighting conditions.

    High-resolution cameras. This type of camera has extra light sensors on their digital image sensors. They increase the effective image quality. This type of camera is only effective with high-resolution monitors.

    Night Vision cameras. These cameras have their own light source in a light spectrum that can't be seen by the naked eye. These cameras are ideal for small areas with no light.

    Outdoor cameras. These more robust cameras have hardened, waterproof outer bodies to weather even extreme conditions.

    Vandal Proof cameras. These cameras come in hardened cases
  • DVR Recorders
    We can help you select the most suitable DVR option for your CCTV System, and should be a balance of desired quality, features and coverage, as well as the overall budget.
    A Digital Video Recorder, or DVR is basically a computer that converts incoming video (analog) signal from cameras to digital, compresses it and then stores it.
  • Monitors
    For a low resolution system, a normal TV can be used but it does not have the resolution of a CCTV Monitor. A typical TV has resolution of about 300-350TVL. A good CCTV monitor will have resolution of 500TVL upwards. CCTV monitors are also built for the purpose.

    A standard PC TFT (LCD) display will only have VGA connector and therefore cannot directly be used as composite video monitor (CCTV Monitor). A TFT that is suitable as a CCTV monitor will have direct video input without a VGA to video converter. These TFTs are more expensive.